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I am the one who is alway health conscious as well.
One thing that I notice is more plant-based diet restaurant opened up out here. because people try to be right as rain. Including me.
Now days because of the food trends has been changed we can easily see not only vegan restaurants or vegan foods but also plant based diet restaurants.
It’s good that I can have many options before choosing my meal.specially when I’m on a diet
Sometime it was hard to choose the meal when I am outside, back in the day.
honestly,I haven’t been to many plant based restaurants I don’t know much about it
But I can tell convenient shops out here you can get many organic foods fruits and beverage. And plus vegetarian meals
Some people refuse to eat meat as they consider it harmful. But I am not though.
I guess it’s because people are nowadays more health conscious that they used to be They understand that good health is above wealth
soa natural?

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