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Hello everyone
I'm Qui from Vietnam.

Welcome to the Vietnamese language class with online learning.
Studying Vietnamese is easy, fast and most convenient in this class.

Each lesson is only for 3 minutes.
Today, I will teach you how to ask for "What is your name?" and "How are you?" in Vietnamese

Are you ready?
Well, let's get started.

The first is how to ask for a name.
"Bạn tên gì?".
"Bạn" means you.
"tên" means the name.
"g ì" means "What"
→ This is how to ask the most common names in Vietnamese.

Next, I will teach you how to ask "How are you?"
"Bạn có khỏe không?"
"Bạn" means you.
"khỏe" means well.
"không" is a question
→ This is how to ask polite "How are you?" in Vietnamese

When you are asked "How are you?", You can answer in one of three ways.
1. "Khỏe" means well.
2. "Không khỏe" means not feeling well.
3. "Bình thường" means ordinary.

It's easy.

If you like Vietnamese, wait for the next lesson.
Goodbye. See you.

Xin chào. Hẹn gặp lại.
soa natural?

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