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Q: O que significa You're the yammer. I'm the hammer.”?
A: "yammer" means to talk a lot, or a person who talks a lot. Together, it means "you're the talker, I'm the muscle (- the one that does the physical work)"
Q: O que significa yammering ?
A: talking a lot, being repetitive and annoying

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Q: Mostra-me frases de exemplo com yammer.
A: I don't hear the word "yammer" very much, but it's not childish. It's pretty much always used negatively.

Some sentences might be:

"My brother yammered on and on about his game."

"The customer continued to yammer about his problems."

"They kept yammering on, even though no one was listening."

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Q: Yammer on about= to talk or complain a lot
- They're yammering (on) about work again.

Is it commonly used?
A: it's used in everyday speech, yes.

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