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Q: Qual é a diferença entre Whta's going on? e What's happening? ?
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Q: Whta do you think about NYC?
A: You might get more interesting responses phrasing this as a Q about the US, not about English. There’s a different section for those. But I lived in NYC for four years, back in the 70s, and haver been back from time to time, as my oldest sister and brother-in-law lived there for several years. It’s certainly an iconic town, but many other cities are larger. I love it for the theatre and opera and museums. But when I became a father, I chose to live in Minneapolis instead of in NYC, because I had no idea how kids should grow up in a place like NYC.
Q: Whta's the difference between, all and everybody?
A: All refers to the whole group of anything. It can be people or objects. Everybody only refers to people
Q: Whta's the difference between, Still and Yet?
A: Both have several meanings but I think this is what you mean by comparing them...

'Still' would mean that a thing is a certain way for a period of time and has not changed. Examples:
My plant is still alive.
I am still hungry.
My dad still works for the same company.

'Yet' would mean that there is an anticipation of something happening that has not happened. For example...
We have not arrived yet.
I have yet to eat that food.

The two words can also be used together to complement each other:
The pie is still in the oven, so we have not eaten yet. 😥

Hope it makes sense!
Q: Whta's the difference between, Begin and Start?
A: Little difference really. They may both be used at the beginning of a race or any activity. In fact they can be used interchangeably
Q: Whta does mean 'MEANT TO' here?
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