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Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? Why is it called "warlord" but not "Lord of war"
and why then is it called:
"weapons of war", but not "warweapons" ?
A: Simply traditions of usage. "Lord of War" is the title of a film starring Nicolas Cage.

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Q: In 1949, a warlord from the North, driven by territorial ambitions, invaded the South. The United States, which ruled the South, became enraged and fought the warlord's army. In response, the People's Republic of China sent troops to the Korean Peninsula under the name of the "Volunteer Army" and clashed with the American forces. soa natural?
A: This sounds really good. No mistakes that I can find. Awesome! 👍👍
Q: The warlord ordered the killing of townfolk soa natural?
A: Yup! Perfect 💕
Q: The warlord ordered a full clean-up on the village soa natural?
A: OF the village
Q: The warlord chose to besiege the city with attrition. soa natural?
A: If i am not mistaken, I think (by) attrition) sounds more natural.

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