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Q: I expected go to Vung Tau city. The scenery here is very beautiful, the weather is sunny but windy. famous food in Vung Tau is dried fish . special friendly local people ,the cost for such a trip is about 5 million Dollar. the money will be even lower if you have acquaintance here. I can go to by car or motobike. soa natural?
A: Try something like this;
"I went to Vung Tau, a city in Vietnam. The scenery here is very beautiful and the weather is sunny but has a breeze *(or you could keep "but windy)*. Dried fish is the famous food here in Vung Tau *(you could use "most popular food""most eaten food" etc)*. The locals are very friendly as well. The cost for this trip is about 5 million dollars *(maybe you should check that it isn't in the currency used in Vietnam because 5 million seems like a lot of money)*. However, I can get to Vung Tau by car or on a motorbike."

- also specify the currency, USD, AUD, NZD, Yen, Won, British Pounds etc

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