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Q: O que significa vsco girl?
A: VSCO girls stereotypically wear scrunchies often, have messy hairstyles, constantly use a hydroflask, wear oversized t-shirts with Vans shoes, and drink coffee frequently.

They often use the phrases:

"Sksksksksk" - a version of "haha" or "lol."

"And I oop-" - a reaction to drama or gossip.

They get the name "VSCO" due to how much they use the app named VSCO.
Q: O que significa VSCO ex)vsco girl?
A: A VSCO girl is kinda a way to identify or make fun of a girl who uses the editing app VSCO. Or, any girl who dresses in oversized tea shirts, and is environmentally conscious, while carrying a hydroflask( a thermos).

In a nutshell, it’s just a label. Like nerd, or emo.
Q: O que significa "vsco girl" (and why do they make that "sksksks" sound???)?
A: VSCO is an app. Most probably the girl uses that app a lot.

sksksks - like a sound of giggling
Q: O que significa vsco girl?
A: A girl who owns a water bottle called a hydro flask , owns and wears scrunches, and wears clothes that are to big
Q: O que significa vsco?
A: VSCO is a smartphone app and a social network. It is used to edit photographs and share them with your followers.

There is a stereotype of "VSCO girls" that all dress and act the same way because they want to be like the popular people who post pictures of themselves on VSCO.

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