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Q: O que significa Get yourself a VPN and you good to go?
A: VPNをインストールしたら、他に必要な物はない。
“you” -> 非常にくだけた”You are”

Once you get a vpn, then you are good to go. それで準備良しっていうこと

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Q: I haven't been using the VPN since the bottom of September. Can I get my money back? soa natural?
A: I haven't used the VPN since the end of September. Can I get my money back?
Q: 外国人知道中国人看外国的东西要用VPN(一种网络)吗?
A: Most people don't know the details, but everyone knows the Internet is censored in China.
Q: I am not sure it’s safe if I using a VPN by my cell phone. soa natural?
A: I would just change the wording like this "I am not sure if it's safe to use a VPN on my phone." & for the "I am not" part you can just say "I'm not.."
Q: Which free VPN do you recommend?
A: I would recommend not to use any free VPN.
Q: where is the free VPN ,I want one
A: you can download apps. look up VPN on the app/playstore.

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