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Q: O que significa Voters have misgivings about his performance as a political chameleon.?
A: misgivings means they are unhappy with his performance. Chameleon in this context can mean the ability to handle anything.

So, The voters are unhappy with his performance as someone who can handle or tackle anything.

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre Voters fall into three main categories. e Voters can be divided into three main categories. ?
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: Voters rank the economy as a priority and, were it not for the virus that record may have been enough to re-elect him.

Q. If I switch the quoted sentence to the following, a comma after the word "virus" is necessary?

If it were not for the virus, that record may have been....
A: I’m of the opinion that less punctuation is best wherever it leaves no confusion. Your final sentence seems fine with no comma.
Q: Voters across the European Union will start voting Thursday for European Parliament members. The body helps pass laws, works with member states' leaders and represents 500 million EU citizens in 28 nations. Despite their looming EU ouster, UK citizens will still cast ballots.

Who is the 'body'?
A: European Parliament
Q: Voters soa natural?
A: Yep it sounds natural 👍🏽

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