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Q: The massive underwater volcanic eruption has wreaked havoc on Tonga,
smothered the island in ash, cut power and severe communications outside the world.

Is this sentence correct ?
A: I think you mean "severed", which means to cut something and is the past tense of "sever". It would be "severed communication with the outside world."
"Severe" means very intense or important, usually in a bad way.

I would also say "led to power outages/cuts", which sounds more natural than just "cut power".
Q: Even if volcanic activities did emit a lot of sulfur dioxide, it would not stay long enough to generate the mass extinction.
Does the sentence sound natural enough?

"Natural enough" LOL 😁

Not quite would not stay in the atmosphere long enough to cause a mass extinction ✔️
Q: The volcanic activity was active during the era of Dinosaur. soa natural?
A: Volcanic activity was high during the era of the dinosaurs.
Q: Recent volcanic eruptions and volcanic earthquakes have made people shy away from mountain climbing soa natural?
A: perfectly, good job!

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