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Q: O que significa vociferous?
A: Vociferous is a very big word, rarely used. It describes people who speak in a loud and forceful way, energetic and vigorous.
Q: O que significa vociferous?
A: It means loud, noisy and forceful when expressing your opinions.
"The activists held a vociferous protest against animal abuse."
"He vociferously refused the trade deal."
Q: O que significa vociferous?
A: The town hall meetings were filled with the vociferous opposition of Trumps healthcare bill. It means people were loud and upset and would not quiet down.

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre vociferous e boisterous ?
A: Vociferous refers mainly to people or speech

Boisterous can refer to anything including objects and nature

Also I've never heard anyone say the word vociferous like ever. But a good synonym that is more commonly used is "vehement/vehemently"

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