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Q: O que significa vlogs ?
A: It's a video blog, sometimes like a live stream, where people document what they are doing

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Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? how do you say “ vlogs
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: Could you please tell me about popular/trendy vlogs, blogs, TV shows and books these days for young people in England?

Thank you!😊
A: If your into detective series the classical “ Sherlock Holmes” is interesting as for blog and vlogs I’m not really into those but books there’s a whole range ! Such as the shadow hunter series both film series and books (amazing in my opinion ) there’s also Harry Potter if you want a classic (again both films and books) and you want more book recommendations I suggest you download an app called good read which recommends books that you might want to read !!
Q: I like watching English vlogs, English TV series and Japanese comedy shows. soa natural?
Thank you for correcting my sentence(*^_^*)
I see!
Q: I like to watch English vlogs.
The one I really like is called "bilingual baby".
It's about an international couple with two kids.
I'm learning how to talk to kids by watching it. soa natural?
A: That sounds natural! ^^
Q: I like watching English vlogs on Youtube.
And I like watching English shows on TV. soa natural?
A: To me the best way to put the Sentences is either I like watching English shows on YouTube or english vlogers or I like watching english speaking tv shows and movies
Q: Could you please recommend some vlogs from YouTube ? Is there anyone you enjoy ?
A: You could watch my first vlog ;)
Casey neistst is a popular vlogger.

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