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Q: VK is a social media similar to Facebook, and believe or not, the guy who texted me making fun of the topics that I was talking with her, was still her friend on that social media when I blocked her. soa natural?
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: She had asked me to create a VK account to keep talking there so I did it. (VK is a Russian social media). soa natural?
A: Now I’m invested in your story 😅

to keep talking there so I did (it)
The “it” isn’t entirely necessary but it’s not wrong per se. And “to keep talking there” is perfectly fine as well! An addition (optional though) is “on” for example “She had asked me to create a VK account to keep talking on there” (either way is fine tbh, the “on” isn’t necessary in all honesty but just so you know 👌
Q: Американцы, есть ли у вас вк?
do you have VK? not russian
A: можно, конечно, использовать в США, но мало кто есть ВК

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