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Q: O que significa Take vitals ?
A: “Vitals”「バイタル」is a medical term for body parts that crucial for the body to function.

To “take vitals” means to inspect someone’s vital signs「バイタルサイン」

People also use “check vitals”, and it is common to hear the saying “check their vitals” in shows about paramedics and doctors.

A paramedic who arrives to someone not breathing will take/check the person’s vitals ie, breathing & heartbeat.

Here’s a Japanese wiki page on vital signs. Hope it helps:バイタルサイン?oldid=42595271

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Q: What does take my vitals mean in this context?
“I was so dehydrated that she couldn’t take my vitals.”
A: to check your heart rate, and blood pressure
Q: What does "to lose vitals" mean? Like there's only one marine dead. Who or what is usually referred to as "vital"?
A: "Vitals" is short for "vital signs" in this instance.

Vitals signs are things like breathing and heartbeat that tell you if someone is still alive.

In this picture, he's saying that he can no longer detect the person's heartbeat, and thus they have died.

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