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Q: O que significa virulent and foothold ?
A: Thank you 😊
Q: O que significa 'virulent anti-semitism'?
A: very hostile, bitter, harmful, etc anti-jewish racism

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre virulent e contagious ?
A: When referring to diseases, "contagious" simply means it can be spread to others. "Virulent" means its extremely harmful (the bubonic plague, for example, is a virulent disease).

"Contagious" can also be used for good things - a mood, or laughter, can also be contagious.
Q: Qual é a diferença entre virulent e lethal ?
A: Virulent is relating to a disease (doesn't necessarily have to be a virus) or a poison.

For old people, Covid-19 is virulent.

Lethal is just deadly in general.

A bomb is lethal, not virulent. Covid-19 for the elderly is virulent/lethal.

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