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Q: Qual é a diferença entre vigilance e caution ?
A: Vigilance means being watchful and paying attention to everythkng, like a guard waiting for trouble to start.

Caution means being careful, following safety regulations.

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Q: 'Vigilance must be observed !’

Do you observe vigilance ? Am confused.
A: Here to “observe” means that you must conform to or obey a given set of principles. In this case, you must be vigilant.

- The rules of this establishment must be observed at all times.
Q: The vigilance level for this city has come down. soa natural?
A: I assume you're talking about vigilance against terror attacks?

I might use
"The level of vigilance in this city isn't as high these days."
Q: The vigilance of all airports nationwide has been heightened (in the wake of/ensuing) the terror attack carried out earlier today. soa natural?
A: In the wake of 比较适合。

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