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Q: Mostra-me frases de exemplo com Victims .
A: The plane crashed and no one survived. There were 240 victims.

Crime is getting worse. There were 25 victims of robbery in the last month.

victim: someone that has something bad happen to them.

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Q: Victims soa natural?
A: But it is just one word, not a sentence :)
Q: "Victims are admonishing. Strive after peace. War and violence will wreck life. " soa natural?
A: "Victims are admonishing: Strive for peace. War and violence will wreck life. "

You can say „admonish“. It‘s usage here is technically correct, but sounds odd. I‘d rather say something like, „Victims urge (strongly)“.

Man kann „admonish“ sagen. Seine Verwendung ist hier technisch richtig, aber es hört sich einigermaßen merkwürdig in diesem Zusammenhang an. Ich würde eher so etwas sagen: „Victims urge (strongly)“.
Q: Victims of sex crimes have been raising their voices. soa natural?
A: Victims of sex crimes have been speaking up for.......
Victims of sex crimes have been speaking out against.....

—> Recently, victims of sex crimes have begun to speak up./ Victims of sex crimes have recently began to speak up.
Q: All the best to the Victims of Hurricane Irma soa natural?
A: You could also say "Godspeed to the victims of..."

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