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Q: O que significa victimize someone ?
A: Victimize someone : to make someone a victim by harming them or taking advantage of them In some way ..
Q: O que significa victimize someone ?
A: Made a victim.

“The bully victimized the poor kid”
Q: O que significa victimize someone ?
A: It’s a form of harmful bullying or you could say taking advantage of someone.
Q: O que significa to victimize someone ?
A: To be turned into a victim and so treated badly.
Q: O que significa to victimize someone ?
A: it means to push someone’s feelings above the actual victim to make themselves seem like they’re the victim, for example:

“Yes I know you broke your leg but you’re not considering how that effects me”

It’s a form of manipulation

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre victimize e discriminate ?
A: @elisabethk: When we constantly treat a group of people or an individual violently, we are victimizing them. When we base our treatment of people on their identities (race, sexual orientation, culture, religion, nationality, gender) we are discriminating

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Q: We tend to victimize ourselves without knowing it since we feel our emotions stronger than others. soa natural?
A: @Rory_Lee yes

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