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Q: O que significa Vicious?
A: A very bad dog or bear attack would be described as vicious. When harm is done to someone or something in a very brutal/savage/vicious way.
Q: O que significa Vicious?
A: really mean. The dog was quite vicious when he attacked my dog. I paid $2,000 for veterinarian expenses.

The man viciously attacked the police officer and caused major damage to his face.
Q: O que significa Vicious?
A: Very angry, violent, strong

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Q: Mostra-me frases de exemplo com Vicious .
A: @jatavhema

E.G .

➡This is a vicious circle.

➡It was the most vicious, nasty experience.

➡The blow was so sudden and vicious that he dropped to his knees.


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