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Q: O que significa VHS?
A: Abbreviation : Video Home System

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Q: What does "On VHS no less" mean?

You know if I gave you a VHS tape with the words "girl detective club" on them, what do you think, that anime would be about? Probably something like detective conan right? Maybe a Girl goes missing, and we get some Sherlock Holmes parodies going? Right? But this might actually be the biggest bait & switch, I have ever encountered with an anime. On VHS no less, and it has NO, detectives in it. It doesn't even have a club. There isn't even a club in this anime. But it does have a couple of cute girls so at least it has that going for it.

You can hear it in this video at 1:17.
A: "On VHS no less" is referring to the fact that the series is pretty old. Nowadays, movies and things are on DVD (or online) so if it is on VHS it's probably from the 90's or earlier. So that means that Girl Detective Club was surprising considering the time period that it was made. My guess is that they were surprised how anime companies were already using misleading titles during that time period.
Q: The VHS format had a great quality for its time. soa natural?
A: Check the question to view the answer

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