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Q: O que significa As Venus was closer to the earth,its parallax angle would be larger,and Halley worked out that by using Venus it would be possible to measure the sun's distance to 1 part in 500.
is it possuble to describe parallax to me?
A: "1 part in 500" is referring to the accuracy of a measurement, not the probability! It means that the measurement inaccuracy is 1/500th of the value measured. So it the measurement was of something that was 500 metres long, the measurement will be within 1 metre of 500 meters i.e. its true value would be between 499.5 metres and 500.5 metres; if 1000 meters then within 2 meters, etc....
Parallax is the difference in position (usually measured as an angle) between two positions of measurement with reference to something being measured. For example, the angle to the position of a nearby star when measured by two people several thousand miles away at the same time will be different. Knowing the angles and the distance apart of the people, you can use trigonometry to calculate the distance away that the object is.
Q: O que significa Venus Williams did not BREAK THE LAW in fatal car crash?
A: Break the law means you fail to obey the law or the rules like for example the road sign says "no pedestrian crossing" but still you crossed the road then you break the law

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Q: That's how the Venus flytrap knows if their is a bug on its leaf.
Does it sound natural?
A: Yes but wrong their. Here you would use there so the sentence is "That's how the Venus flytrap knows if there is a bug on its leaf." Their is used for belonging but there is used for place.
Q: 1 How closer is Venus to the sun than Earth is? 2 How closer to the sun is Venus than Earth is? Do these sound natural?
A: Neither is natural. Here are some replacements using natural language and correct grammar and capitalization.

1) How much closer is Venus to the Sun than Earth?

2) How much closer to the Sun is Venus than Earth?

1 is a great sentence. 2 is kind of ehhh, but it's fine :)
Q: Por favor, mostra-me como pronunciar Ah, this is a Venus flytrap.
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Venus is the second closest planet from the Sun. soa natural?
A: Sounds natural. 😊👌
Q: We are watching the Venus and other stars with the telescope for an hour. soa natural?
A: Do not say “the Venus “ just say “Venus

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