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Q: O que significa rolling vamp?
A: Isn't that the name of a song? I don't think it has any real
Q: O que significa vamp?
A: Short for vampire or could also mean to vamp up (get excited) or the actual music term, which means to repeat the same melody over again (usually in the background with a soloist playing/singing over it)

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Q: イギリスのアーティストThe vamps の歌の発音はイギリス英語ですか⁇
A: イギリス出身のバンドならばそうでしょう。確かめてきます
Q: *if she dresses like that is because she's ready to vamp it up.

*we need to vamp this house up everything here is so dated.

*we're going to be late because we're going to veer off because there's a blockage in the main road.

(does this sound natural?)
A: I have not heard "vamp" forever, for me it is a word from the 70's that nobody uses anymore. It used to be in a Cher song (she has been around a long time).

#3 is OK but better "we have to veer off", or "we're going to take a detour". Also "blockage" is a bit weird, I'd say "the main road is blocked". "Blockage" sounds like plumbing.

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