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Q: O que significa Vaccinations caused the child to develop autism, one cannot help bu moved?
A: Repeat the phrase as the last bit I’m not sure about

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Q: Vaccinations, wearing masks and social distance are effective for reducing the occurrence of variant virus. soa natural?
A: Measurements for the variants(from India, South Africa and England) are not different from previous one. I should have written it more detail. Thank you.
Q: Vaccinations have started in Japan. Most of people may take them by the end of this year.

Will we return to the former world? soa natural?
A: That sounds great.

It'll take some months that we will reach the same place. Anyway, everything is getting better.
Q: Vaccinations won’t be available for normal people anytime soon. ワクチン接種はまだしばらくむりだろう。 soa natural?
A: Replace “normal” with “most” maybe

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