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Q: O que significa uhm HELLO KSJSK 😗✌?
A: @Asd2224 the “KSJSK” is just random letters we put together to make it seem like we are excited, we are over dramatic and over exaggerating

For example-
Student 1: “do you think that guy is cute?”

The random letters are not real word, it just means we are really happy, excited, or shocked
Q: O que significa uhm?
A: Thanks!

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Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? uhm my name is destiny and how to say this in korean?
A: Thanks!

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Q: uhm hi!! i'm a new member...i'm 14 and i'm from vietnam...i'll have a test at next week.and i can't remember the present perfect..can you help me please???
thank youuu!!!
A: usually in the form “have/has + [Past Tense Verb]”

I [have seen] her before
She [has just turned] in her homework
I [have won] a game of chess
I [have become] more involved

Can be for things you already did, that you just finished, accomplishments, and changes over time

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