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Q: O que significa i got toppings?
A: I'm guessing. Toppings, usually means the various ingredients you have on a pizza.

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre toppings
e ingredients ?
A: Ingredients are what goes into the dish, toppings are typically just the stuff that goes on top of it (and usually doesn't need to be cooked). Using a pizza as an example: yeast, flour, and salt are "ingredients" to a pizza dough, but things like pepperoni, peppers, and cheese are "toppings".

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Q: She said " How come there are no toppings on my pizza, every piizza should come with toppings, where is mine?"?
Is it correct?
A: It sounds very natural! I would maybe say “where are my toppings?!” but “where’s mine?” is fine too like “where is my pizza with toppings?”
Q: She was surprised to see there was no toppings on her pizza.
Is it correct.
A: It is correct and everyone would understand fine. It's more grammatically correct to say "She was surprised to see there were no toppings on her pizza", though, since "toppings" is plural. This is only important if this is for an english class, though.
Q: Por favor, mostra-me como pronunciar and you know, they put so many toppings and i thought it was wouderful.
my friends and I went there for the first time after an exam um you know, it was our way to celrbrate.
A: "My friends...our way to celebrate."
Q: any toppings for your pizza. soa natural?
A: Perfecto!!

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