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Q: O que significa 〜for throwing our hats in the creek.?
A: Something (this is not clear from the context) happens to someone because they've thrown their hats in the creek.
Q: O que significa That’s what you’re throwing at me.?
A: it's like someone is blaming another person for something and they're like aggressive about the fact that they're being pointed for that specific reason.
Q: O que significa Outdoor throwing party! I finally got Miri's bouquet holder made. ?
A: It's party that's outside and usually means it has beer or alcohol or it means that people ground like throw you in the like pool or,something, or it could mean a throwback party with me is a very casual party.

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre A throwing ax e A thrown ax ?
A: A throwing axe is designed to be thrown. It's weight and balance is designed to make it fly correctly. They're often one piece of steel to make them more durable.
A thrown axe is an axe that has already been thrown. It doesn't necessarily have to be a throwing axe or even a successful throw, it just has to have been thrown in the past to be a thrown axe.

British Columbia Canada
Q: Qual é a diferença entre A throwing axe e A thrown axe ?
A: A thrown axe is any axe that has been thrown.

A throwing axe is an axe specifically designed to be thrown.

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Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? 📌 is it correct?

She was crying so hard throwing her bag on the floor.
She was crying looking out the window in the hotel on the high floor.

A: I’d change the first line to : she was crying soo hard she threw her bag on the floor.
However, the second line “She was crying looking out the window in the hotel on the high floor” sounds really confusing and I can’t understand it

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Q: I was looking forward to the throwing water baloon festival,but I had been fun at all. soa natural?
A: × I was looking forward to the throwing water baloon festival,but I had been fun at all.
✓ I was looking forward to the water balloons fight festival,but it was no fun at all.

Q: "I'm feeling throwing up now." or
"I'm feeling vomity now."
Which sentences are natural? or are both of them wrong? :)
A: Both are wrong. 😥 “I feel like throwing up.”나 “I feel like vomiting right now.” 더 정확해요
Q: “Lisa’s throwing at the Bandshell.”

What does the word “throw” in this sentence mean?

Thank you!
A: I think we need more context. The verb "throwing" usually requires an object after it (such as throwing "a ball"). There are some cases where it doesn't, but they're unusual and it's not clear which, if any, is being used here.

Just to give you some idea, if there's no object after it, "to throw" can mean to intentionally lose a game, to take your turn at dice, or to be the pitcher in a game of baseball. None of those seem particularly likely here, but we need the context to say for sure.
Q: His bad throwing skills match his his awful catching skills. soa natural?
A: His bad throwing skills *match* (not "matches") his awful catching skills.
His bad throwing skills match his awful catching skills.

You said it right.

skills match
skill matches

You can't say "skills matches". That's wrong.
Q: No throwing toys. Take care of them, or they may be broken. soa natural?
A: Don't throw the toys. You should take care of them, or they may break.
or : take care of them if you don't want them to break.
or : if you don't want to break them

i could clearly understand what you meant though

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