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Q: O que significa thrifted clothes?
A: oh okay, thank u very much!
Q: O que significa thrifted?
A: In terms of shopping, something you 'thrifted' is either something you bought from a thrift store, flea market, garage sale, or that you GAVE to any of those organizations.

Person A: What'd you do with that cute shirt?
Person B: It got a little small for me, so I thrifted it. Sent it off to Goodwill.
Person A: Aw... You should've just given it to me. I liked it.
Q: O que significa thrifted?
A: It means they bought something from a thrift shop (a place that sells cheap, used goods).
Q: O que significa thrifted ?
A: It's when you buy or use a secondhand item.

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