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Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? * them *
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: it / them / one / ones
A: I like cars. I want to buy one.
(one = any car, not specified)
B: I like hamburgers. I want to eat them[ones??] everyday.
(them = specific hamburgers? It sounds confusing to me because you can’t eat the same hamburgers you ate before.)
C: I like hamburgers. I want to eat it[them/one/ones??] for dinner tonight.
(Is it possible to replace plural nouns mentioned before with “it”? Or shohld I say “one”?)

Please help me understand the rules behind which to use. Thanks:)
A: In this specific case:

It - use this as a pronoun to refer to a specific noun.

Them - use this as a pronoun to refer to the whole group of specific nouns.

One - use this as a pronoun to refer to a nonspecific noun within a group. It doesn’t matter which of the group, you just want one of them.

Those/these ones - use this to refer to a specific group within another group of nouns.

Never replace a plural noun with “it.”
Q: I can't ....... them
-add to
-cut down
-dress up
-fit in with
-go out
-keep up with
-pull on
-put together
-save up
-slip on
-stand out
-take back

Which of them do I have to use ?
A: Honestly, I can't ... them - they're so fashion-conscious.

Honestly, I can't fit in with them - they're so fashion-conscious.

None of the others work in this sentence.
Q: I didn’t expect ( that they ask / them to ask / them asking) if I ( met / was meeting / had met / had been met) that man before.
A: I didn't expect them to ask if I had met that man before.
Q: Can you help me?
I'll .... them a fee for the translation
A. Pay
B. Charge
What's the correct answer and why???
A: A. Because you're the one who gets the benefit. (of translation) "Charge" means you're asking someone to pay an amount of money.

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