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Q: O que significa you were swapped in tge hospital?
A: To swap is to trade. As a baby in the hospital, you were replaced with another baby.
Q: O que significa though at tge end of the sentence
also like 'tho'?
A: The ough spelling is a leftover sound from old English that used to be pronounced but over time the sound has stopped being pronounced so it is silent
Q: O que significa It's the headquarter of tge Air Forces Command.?
A: "Headquarters" means "central office" or "command centre". It's where you normally find the boss of the organisation and his staff.

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre I went to tge airport in a taxi. e I went by taxi to the airport. ?
A: same, the first is way more natural though.

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Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? what‘s tge meaning of no nut November
A: thank you!

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Q: Though I was hungry, tge lunch combo was a bit too much for me. soa natural?
Q: Against tge weather forecast, it's to rain.
I don't have umbrella. soa natural?
A: × Against tge weather forecast, it's to rain.
✓ Unlike the weather forecast said, it will rain.

× I don't have umbrella.
✓ I don't have an umbrella.

Q: Can I say” would you mind taking out tge trash”?
A: Yess! the*
Q: “what does it call” & “how does it call” & “what is it called” & “how is it called” are they correct and tge same?
A: only "what is it called?" is correct
Q: does tge grammar correct?
A: seems about right

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