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Q: a taxt said : It's about time you decided what career path to take.

why its not " it's about time you DECIDE what career path to take" ??
A: The first is saying "you should have done this earlier" and the second says "you should do this now"
both mean the same thing but the time is a little different.
Q: The new taxt is to impose 20 cents per day and 6 dollar per month on the messenger's user from next year. The government presented a extreme resolution for tax increasing as the most dominating two state-owned telecom's income has decreased to about 33% by hikes on messenger users such as whatsapp.

Along with it, civils who were suffering from serious economic crisis with big scale debt and currency value's decline, began going out to the street for pretest.

As the protests hae been aggravated, the government announced it agreed to next anuual bedget, which won't ask people to pay additional tax or commision, while it retreat the messenger commision plan.

However, the volunm of pretesters reached up to hundre thousands of people within four days. soa natural?
A: One piece of advice I want to give right now is not to say 'civils'. Say 'people' or 'users'.
Q: I rode in a taxt to the station. Otherwise, I will be late for the meeting. soa natural?
A: I understand that I mixed up tenses. Your comment is right, it is what I wanted to say.

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