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Q: Ask me what you want to know.
は、第4文型(SVOO) 第5文型(SVOC) のどちらですか?
A: That's learner terminology, native speakers don't really know what it means. I suppose you're asking about the function of words in this sentence.

The sentence is in the imperative, so it has no subject. The main verb is "ask", its first object is "me", and its second object is the entire clause "what you want to know".

If we look at the subordinate clause, it's basically a noun clause where "what" is the pronoun that is the object of "ask", and "you want to know" describes it. In the subordinate clause, "you" is the subject and "want to know" is the verb".

That is all. I don't know which sentence pattern number this makes it.

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