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Q: O que significa stalwart?
A: loyalty / reliability

the word isn’t super common. I only learned it a couple months ago.
Q: O que significa stalwart?
A: The Oxford Learner's Dictionary has a very clear and simple definition of stalwart.

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre stalwart e staunch ?
A: Stalwart means sturdy and strong. “Jessica was a stalwart leader.”

Staunch means loyal and reliable.
“Jessica has been a staunch ally for our side.”

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Q: Can I use stalwart like this?
I’m a stalwart of the anime yurucamp( I’m a huge fan of the anime yurucamp).
A: I think that 'stalwart' is an adjective so we need a noun

I am a stalwart fan of the anime.....
Q: They've been stalwarts of the regional theater movement for over 30 years soa natural?
A: I think your trying to say There Have but it's coming out as They Have. Correct me if I'm wrong

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