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Q: O que significa It(the spacecraft) came within 47,000 feet of the Moon's surface with two crew members inside.
My question is how to understand "it came within 47,000 feet". Does it mean the height is 47,000 feet? ?
A: No, it means it was 47,000 feet away from the surface of the moon.
We use this grammar to show when something is moving close to something else:
The car came within 30 cm of hitting me.
Q: O que significa the spacecraft 'carry' instruments that test the conpositions and characteristic of planets

is this typo? I think 'carries' would be right?
A: "The spacecraft" can be both singular and plural and the "carry" here means the writer must be talking about multiple spacecraft. The verb (or the indefinite article "a"/"some") is the only way you can tell whether it is a single object
English has a number of words that can be both singular and plural, and for which the spelling do not change. Making these words plural can sound weird to a native ear for example
Ex: "two fishes" (wrong) vs. "two fish" (right)
"some foods" (contextually wrong) vs. "some food" (right)
Some such words are more contentious
"some monies" (plural of money) vs. "certain currencies"

But the context determines the subjects plurality (count)
Ex: "The deer" eat in the yard (Multiple deer)
"The deer" eats in the yard (a single deer)

If, on the other hand, instead of the definite article "The", I used indefinite articles "a" or "some", I would know immediately whether or not it was a single spacecraft or multiple spacecraft
If I said "A spacecraft" I must use the singular if I said "Some spacecraft" then I must use the plural version of the verb
Q: O que significa spacecraft?
A: A spacecraft is a vehicle designed to be used in space.

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre spacecraft e spaceship ?
A: is that spacecraft is a vehicle that travels through space while spaceship is a vehicle that flies through space.

Spaceship” comes from early science fiction, when writers used ocean ships as their model to describe things that didn't exist yet. “Spacecraft” is more a term engineers / scientists use to describe real vehicles, manned or unmanned.
Q: Qual é a diferença entre "spacecraft" e "space shuttle" ?
A: The space shuttle is a spacecraft. There is a spacecraft known as the space shuttle. One of the space shuttles is known as the Enterprise.

I think it's a little more like the difference between "person" and "president".

The president (space shuttle) is a person (spacecraft), named John (Enterprise).

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Q: I heard NASA’s spacecraft landed on Mars.
I’m interested in whether there is something living or having lived on the planet.
By the way, in Japan, the stereotype of aliens living on Mars is like an octopus.

Could you tell me if I make mistakes in the above?
A: ‎I heard that NASA’s spacecraft landed on Mars.
I’m interested in whether something is living or have lived on the planet.
By the way, in Japan, the stereotype of aliens living on Mars is like an octopus

you can also write
I'm interested in whether something is alive or has lived on the planet.
Q: A spacecraft is illegally parked. They gave money for getting it back. What does "mark" mean ?
A: He either wrote or stamped it as paid.
Q: Having spacecraft means the Alien species are as evolved as they can travel the other planet. soa natural?
A: Check the question to view the answer

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