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Q: O que significa "slippin'" in "He better hope I don't catch his ass out there slippin', boy..."?
A: that's this one
Q: O que significa slippin up?
A: It like saying I made a mistake.
Q: O que significa slippin?
A: To make a mistake.
To fall into a bad lifestyle with bad life choices.
To miss your step when walking, resulting in you falling onto the floor
Q: O que significa "slippin' away"?
A: Slipping away -

1. to leave quickly and quietly
->On the last night of conference, I decided to slip away for a few hours. Related vocabulary: duck out (of somewhere)

2. to be no longer available 
->We're trying to keep the tradition alive, but it's starting to slip away. I let a great opportunity slip away.

3. to slowly become less strong or able 
->She found her health rapidly slipping away. Every day a little more of his strength slips away.

4. to die 
->The doctors worked quickly, but the old man was slipping away.

If a period of time slips away, it passes quickly: Time was slipping away and she had to make a decision soon.
If someone's power or the possibility of someone winning or achieving something slips away, it disappears: Political power was really in their hands and they let it slip away.

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Q: ‎don't catch you slippin up
look what I'm whippin up
(Childish Gambino's 'This is America')

what does that lyrics mean?
(i mean the slippin' part and whippin' part)
A: @overrunie Yeah usually. But it's normal to talk like this in songs. Especially in the kind of style that Childish Gambino has.

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