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Q: O que significa serrated metal? Could you please show me a picture of what it looks like?
bit cruelly in??
A: serrated = with uneven edges, like the edge of a car key
lucite = hard, clear plastic

She touched the metal part of one of the car keys, then touched the clear key fob with the rental car company's information on it.

bit cruelly in = dug into her skin in a harsh or painful way
Q: O que significa serrated?
A: With jagged edges that each typically come to a sharp point. Usually we use it to refer to a serrated knife as opposed to a knife with a smooth edge.

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre serrated e jagged ?
A: Serrated is usually to describe an edge to a knife. Serrated edges are small, sharp repeated patterns.
Jagged can describe an uneven edge. If I knife were to have a jagged edge, it would appear to be chipped, worn down, cracked and used.

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