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Q: O que significa Scoot over means?
A: It means move to the side, especially to make room.

If you scoot over a little I'll have room to sit down.
Q: O que significa Scoot you in ?
A: It means to move you in closer. It sounds like he is arranging people for a photograph.
"Thomas, scoot in a little closer. Beth, move a little to the right."
Q: O que significa Scoot?
A: Scoot means to slowly move. For example, the snail scooted along, or she scooted along the floor.
Q: O que significa Scoot over?
A: Move over a little.

Move a little bit to the right/left.

Maybe I want to sit down, but there is not enough room for me to sit. So I say, scoot over a little, move a little, please.

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre Scoot over e Slide over ?
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Qual é a diferença entre Scoot e Flick ?
A: Scoot to slide while seating also used when you need to leave quick

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Q: Scoot over a bit, thanks. soa natural?
A: this could come off as rude. make sure you are asking by using can. can you scoot over a bit however it is more common to hear. can you move over a little. if you said this I dont think many people would question it. so you could use it.
Q: Scoot back and sit deep in the chair, so that you will not slip off the seat. soa natural?
A: A better way to say would be

"Sit back in your chair, so that you don't slip off the seat."
Q: Scoot off to bed now. soa natural?
A: It depends on the dialect, in the south here you might see that more commonly than elsewhere.

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