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Q: Satiated and Fulfilled

Greek yogut contains slightly more protein per serving, thereby helping people stay (satiated) for longer periods of time.

please tell me the reason why can not I use "fulfilled" instead of "satiated"...
A: To feel full after eating is not the same as being fulfilled.

Satiated is being full and satisfied.

You can say it helps people stay full or satiated longer, but you can't say it helps people stay fulfilled longer.

Fulfilled has to do with meeting an obligation for a set amount of product, services, appointments or other needs.

Satiated has no obligation, and no set amount. Only the person or group being satiated will know when they are satiated.

We satiated the needs of the market with Greek yogurt.

We fulfilled the market orders for Greek yogurt.

It was such a satisfying moment! I fulfilled my lifelong dream of becoming a doctor and my parents were there to see it.

You can't satiate your dream and you can't fulfill your appetite.

Your dream is predetermined, known, that's why it can be fulfilled. Your appetite has no known limit. You're full when you reach the limit, and if you feel satisfied too then you have satiated your appetite.

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