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Q: "I was born in a plain samurai family and raised in poverty with no outstanding talent or no influential person to support me. Every bit of education and martial arts skills now within me, I have obtained one by one all with efforts. So even what you might not be able to feel or see I could fully see and feel. I bet you may be unaware at all of how big a difference it could make." soa natural?
A: I was born to (an average OR a typical OR a humble) samurai family and raised in poverty with no outstanding talent, nor any (influential person OR patron) to support me. Whatever scholarly and martial skills I have were (gradually) obtained through my own efforts. (Now I can ・As a result, I can now) sense and see even that what you cannot. You can’t even imagine what a difference does this make.
“I bet you...” is often used when you challenge someone to do something: “I bet you can’t jump that high!”. But in your case that samurai is simply saying what he knows to be true and what the other person cannot grasp (あなたにはわかっていない), so “I bet” は少し惜しかったです。
Q: What did the samurai say in English?

A: 4:11-4:13
Bring up the reserves.

My Lord, that's our signal.

Fire on Hideyake.*
My Lord, have you lost your mind? You will bring them down on us!
He has to choose which side he's on. Someone has to make him choose.
He will kill us all.
Then what have we got to lose?

* I don't know if this is a person or a place or how it is spelled.
Q: What are the samurai saying in English?
A: 1:26~1:41
"I want you to take Tadayoshi to battle, look after him. Make me proud."

"Would you like to take a look at their frontline, Tadayoshi."
Q: I finally watched “last samurai “last week, but in English and with English subtitles for studying.
So I couldn’t understand all of the story.
But it was interesting. And it’s imaginable how people who watch last samurai understand “bushido”, way of thinking of samurai, and curios about it. soa natural?
A: "And it's [understandable] how people who watch The Last Samurai [learn about] "bushido", [the] samurai way of thinking, and [become] curious about it."
Q: The samurai spirit is deeply entrenched in Japanese people's hearts, which is based on four principles.
soa natural?
A: "The samurai spirit is deeply entrenched in Japanese people's hearts." End the sentence there and start a new sentence explaining the "four principles " are and if they are the principle of the samurai or Japanese people

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