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Q: O que significa "I grabbed a two-day rotation. I thought I'd grab
some R and R."

What does "two-day rotation" mean??
A: ahh ok! for the military, rotations are when they move to another place or given another job so maybe 2day rotation means shes getting another role or moving somewhere for 2 days

R and R is just another way of saying rest
Q: O que significa On rotation basis?
A: thank uiu
Q: O que significa heavy rotation when you talk about a song / an album ?
A: It means it is played frequently, usually on the radio, but it could be that you play it frequently on your phone.

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Q: Mostra-me frases de exemplo com with rotation.
A: -RPM: rotations per minute
-Tire rotation
-the rotation of the earth is responsible for day and night
-centripetal acceleration is caused by the rapid rotation of an object

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre rotation about an/the axis e rotation on an/the axis ?
A: Rotation on axis --- the axis itself rotates

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Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? rotation
A: 회전 (rotation)

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Q: Por favor, mostra-me como pronunciar external rotation .
A: That is very good, but try to pronounce the 'x' in external.
Q: what does 'with 23 in the current rotation' in the next sentence?

"There are thousands of series that have run over the years in the manga collection, with 23 in the current rotation."

Does '23' have special meaning to English native speakers?

source of the sentence:

A: In this paragraph, "with 23 in the current rotation" means that the manga collection has 23 manga that are currently being featured and expanded upon.

The number 23 has no significant meaning that I know of.
Q: The rotation of the shop is fast. Even if the line is long it won’t take so long. soa natural?
A: I personally wouldn't say the first sentence. I would say, "the lines move fast in this store." or "even if the lines are long, they usually move fast in this store"
Q: It is moved forward through the rotation of the part.

It is moved forward by the rotation of the part.

Which is better, “through“ or “by”?

soa natural?
A: if I could only choose one, it would be "by"
However, if I could, I would say something a bit differently

When an object is moving because of another object, you should use "because" or "due" as these words say that this is moving -because- this other thing is moving
so as a result, it should look something like this

It is moved forward because of the rotation of this part

hope this helps!
Q: Please let me know" by rotation" is correct? I wanted to mean each week it be in the house of one person, next week another one....

These sessions can either be in a fixed place or by rotation in the brothers' houses. 
A: Yes, this makes sense! :)

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