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Q: O que significa Ridiculously?
A: It means absurd / very silly / unreasonable.


Ridiculously, I felt like laughing in that serious moment.

The test was ridiculously easy!

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Q: Mostra-me frases de exemplo com Ridiculously .
A: The diamond monopoly that exists allows for ridiculously priced gems.

Although he claims to be a man of science, he has some ridiculously baseless theories about the world.

Teaching a child to understand calculus is a ridiculously difficult task.

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Q: Ridiculously, even till 1992, the police hadn't given even a peep about the incident on the murdered girls, merely for the reason that there was left only an obscure fingerprint, which was suspected to have been left by a criminal, and what's more, there was no villagers who witnessed them. But, anyway, isn't it their duty to investigate to the best even though there wasn't no clue other than that? It's time to close the loop on it right away so as to avenge their death upon them. soa natural?
A: "Even until 1992, the police hadn't spoken out about the incident on the murdered girls. It is merely for the reason that there was only an obscure fingerprint left, which was suspected to have been left by a criminal. What’s more, there was no one who witnessed the murders. Isn’t it the policemen’s duty to investigate, to the best of their ability, even though there wasn't any other clues? It’s time to close the case on it, so the girls deaths can be avenged."

You had a lot of run on sentences, I think this is what you meant to say.
Q: Ridiculously yummy!

soa natural?
A: What you have is natural, but for a male around the age or 20 or so, I think that one of the things Shominaminoto has would be more accurate for a translation.
Q: Ridiculously yummy!

soa natural?
A: Yes, it sounds natural and very, very colloquial. :) In fact, it might be a bit *too* enthusiastic - perhaps say "ridiculously tasty!" instead?

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