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Q: O que significa pow?
A: it is a sound effect for an explosion or gunshot
Q: O que significa pow bow?
A: Ah ok. This is an expression.

Literally, it is a traditional event for native people where they gather together, make music, dance and share.

Metaphorically, it means 'having a private conversation' like a 'huddle' in an American football game
Q: O que significa pow. Por el título de la canción 'boom boom pow'?
A: 'pow' is just one of the sounds/ sound effects made by English speakers
Q: O que significa pow wow. específicamente en esta frase: I didn't beleive he das a pow wow doctor.?
A: Never heard of that. A powwow i think is a native American gathering, but that doesn't make sense. Where'd you hear it?

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Q: What does "pow" mean here?

"I’m alive
But I’m dead
Hear my voice up in your head
Watch it fill you full of dread
Till you go pow"
A: Explode Or die.

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