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Q: Please correct my composition🙂
"The pouer of words"
I think that the power of words is extremely astonishing.
We often laugh and be delighted when we talk with friends or our parents, and we can express the feeling by means of wonds.
If it were not for words, we couldn't communicate with each other. Farthermore, words can make the others feel supised, sad , or even happy.
For example, when we watch a movie that is a very miserable one , we
may moved by in the main character and even may shed tears .
I think this pouer of words is very important
, because the person who shed tears can sympathize with the main character , and this can be bring the person to do another action .
For instance , he might think to work
harder like the main character or have a motivote
work to live.
In conclusion , the pouer of words enables us
to express our own feelimgs and make the others feel different ways, and also gives us courage to our lives.
A: Thank you very much 🙏

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