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Q: Poetically called “the eyes of Izu”, Haccho Pond is located at more than 1173m altitude. It was said to be the crater lake of Amagi volcano, but recent studies showed that it was created due to gap in active faults. Being covered in species of bamboo grass, surroundings of the lake have their own name “Ao-suzu Lake” and also known for being a natural habitat for protected species like forest green treefrog.
It is named so for the size of its area, 8-cho (an old Japanese unit of measurement, about 870m). Although, the actual size is about 580m. There are many accessible routes to Haccho Pond, but we would like to introduce a general course that has been popular since ancient times, which is Nobori-gogyou-hodo. Go ahead to the New Amagi Tunnel, way up along the mountain road on the left side. Pass through a dam, then, go down steep stairs and in less than 15 minutes you will reach Old Amagi Tunnel.
Climb the mountain road on the right to the tunnel and in 25 minutes of zig zagging you will see a big Japanese beech on the Amagi-touge division point. Turning right to Nihonsugitoge (Old Amagi-toge), you will see Mt. Nekkodake and Izu Mountain ridge path, located in the area of Nishina-toge trail. Here turn left to go to Haccho Pond. You can fully enjoy the beauty of Amagi nature, if you have a walk through cyprus and cedar, Japanese beech and tall stewartia artificial forest, especially during seasons of fresh leaves or momiji (autumn leaves).
Then, climb up steep long wooden stairs. If you go down, there will be Mukai-toge in 30 minutes. Finally, you will be able to walk on a flat road. If you look carefully, you will see Mt. Fuji standing above the forest.
From the Omi crossroad the road becomes narrow and full of stones, which makes it harder to walk. Not changing the direction, enter Yachou forest and go along Komadori track. Soon you will enter the forests full of Japanese beech (buna) and stewartia, as well as Japanese pieris. Moving along that path, you will reach Kanten trail. There will be restrooms on the left and a sightseen tower on the right. Haccho Pond, surrounded by Japanese beech forest can be seen from the sightseen tower. You must pay to observe the top of Mt. Fuji.
Return to restrooms and you are 10 minutes close from the lake. There will be Kudari-gogyou-hodo on the left (go down trail on the way back). You will also see a monument dedicated to Imperial visit to these places in June 1930. soa natural?
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