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Q: O que significa PO boxes (ex : we do not ship to PO boxes)?
A: PO Boxes are locked boxes in post offices with the purpose of getting mail delivered to them. They are often smaller than regular mail boxes at people’s houses. People will use them if they do not want to give out their home address or, perhaps, if they do not have a mailing address. They usually cost money. Some companies even use PO Boxes. The PO stands for Post and Office. So they are really called Post Office Boxes.
Q: O que significa "PO'd"?
A: Pissed Off. The "d" goes to the very end in this abbreviation.

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Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? PO boxを閉めたいのですが
A: "I would like to close my PO box"

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Q: Please see our PO attached and confirm a receipt of this email. soa natural?
A: × Please see our PO attached and confirm a receipt of this email.
✓ Please see our PO attached and confirm receipt of this email.

Q: Much appreciated for your PO! soa natural?
A: po, purchase order?
Q: Please noted that our PO# is PO004, the second number is the capital letter‘O’not the number zero. soa natural?
A: There's a minor mistake, "Please, note....." instead of "Please noted....."
Q: ​​Regarding 'I will have your PO# 1700777 ready to ship on 5/9.  We have the backorder of FAEX894 Cloudy Emulsion that will be ready on 5/4.  Do you want me to hold this item and consolidate with your PO 1700777?’
I would like to say yes, but if you have ship it out individually, it is okay as well. soa natural?
A: First and last sentence is unnatural.

Regarding PO# 170077, I will ship it out on 5/9.

The last sentence, threw me off the conversation because normally you cannot answer for the customer.

I'd say:
You also have an option to ship it out individually as well. Will that be okay with you?

Q: i think it's easy to reconcile for them so they need the PO number on the invoice soa natural?
A: I'd just cut out the "for" preposition right before them because as far as I know,you reconcile with someone or just the verb.
I'd say it like this: I think it's easy for them (BEFORE the main verb) to reconcile so, they need the PO number on the invoice. Got it?

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