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Q: O que significa "pizzagate"?
A: "Pizzagate" is a conspiracy theory from the 2016 election. People thought that John Podesta's emails discussed a human trafficking ring being run out of a pizza shop in DC. (very simplified version of the story--

The name "Pizzagate" itself comes from the Watergate scandal; it's now very common in the US to use -gate as a name for a controversy (
Q: O que significa pizzagate?
A: Pizzagate is the term used for the event below.

It was a right wing fake news story pushed by Alex Jones and others that suggested that John Podesta and Hillary Clinton aids were part of a child sex-slave ring at a rural pizza shop called Comet.

Someone fabricated a story based on emails about cooking/pizza and said that they were metaphors for something called "spirit cooking", rituals involving blood, semen, and linked that activity to sex with children based on other 'metaphors', which supposedly were taking place at Comet.

Some right wing loon took this fake news story as fact and went to Comet, fully armed to free the children from the alleged child sex ring. It turned out that there was nothing of the sort taking place there, and he was promptly arrested.

Comet received a lot of hate, and the owners death threats, because of this ridiculous fake news story, but since it was exposed as as the fabrication it was, the community that Comet is in has come together and started supporting them for the undeserved attacks that they had to endure.

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