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Q: O que significa 💛【But other parts of it are.】in the following context💛?
A: It is referring to the data. Some of the data collected can be for public use (evidence for court cases etc), however some of the data collected is confidential.
Q: O que significa the most run-down parts of Tokyo?
A: The places in Tokyo that are old or poor.
Q: O que significa It's all the best parts of pee in your pants without any of the wetness.?
A: 😂😂😂😂yes that is what i gathered from it (the you don't have to pee your pants to make it warm)
Q: O que significa It's all the best parts of pee in your pants without any of the wetness.?
A: The best parts refers to having warm pants. You get to have a warmed butt without peeing yourself
Q: O que significa In some parts of America, a smoking habit costs no more as a share of the average income now than in the 1970s.?
A: That smoking costs the same amount of money today as the people of the 1970's worked all year for.

So all the money that the people in 1970 made for 1 year added up = the average cost of smoking today in 2016.

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Q: Mostra-me frases de exemplo com parts of me.
A: There are parts of me that want to stay home, where I know every place and all the people, but then there is the part that want to go around the world and meet lots of cultures;

There is a part of me that doesn't like being around people that are too serious, and there is also a part where I'm all seriousness.
Q: Mostra-me frases de exemplo com in parts .
A: -The answer, in parts, was related to the war
-It was her fault in part
It's kind of an uncommon phrase, "partially" tends to take its place

Synonyms of "Parts" and their differences

Q: Qual é a diferença entre Could you tell me who I should contact if I find out that the parts do not fit? e Could you tell me who should I contact if I find out that the parts do not fit? ?
A: Could you tell me who I should contact is correct. Could you tell me who should I contact is not correct. This phrase would be used like who should I contact if I find out that the parts do not fit? To word it differently you can also say If I find out that the parts do not fit, who should I contact? Hope it helps :)
Q: Qual é a diferença entre they had to fight in other parts of the world e they had to fight to other parts of the world ?
A: The second isn't natural
Q: Qual é a diferença entre It consists of three parts. e It comprises of three parts. ?
A: You can; it is technically incorrect, but native speakers will indeed say that...
Q: Qual é a diferença entre those are the parts that i liked the most e those are the parts that i liked most ?
A: Those are the parts (that) I liked (the) most.
Those are the parts I liked the most.
Those are the parts that I liked most.

They mean exactly the same thing.
In formal English you should say "the most" because "most" is a superlative adjective and superlatives are always used with the word "the".
HOWEVER, in informal English the word "the" is often left out and it sounds normal and natural.
(Also, in this sentence you can leave out the word "that". It isn't wrong, you just don't need it.)
Q: Qual é a diferença entre Some parts of the roof of my mouth have been ROUGH. I need some medicine for that. e Some parts of the roof of my mouth have been INFLAMED. I need some medicine for that. ?
A: "rough" is texture and "inflamed" is a condition. BUT "rough" can also be the result of being inflamed. Children might say "rough" because "inflamed" is too adult a word for them. Also, the roof of my mouth sometimes gets rough when I eat potato chips or hard, crusty bread. In this case, rough means "raw"

Translations of "Parts"

Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? How do you call these parts of a road when playing with a child?
1 - ascent, uphill, slope, upgrade, rise, upward?
2 - descent, downhill, slope, downgrade, lowering?
3 - level, flat, horizontal, slick, smooth?
A: It's difficult because some of the words work, but for describing the action, not the part of the road.

1 slope, hill
The truck is going up the hill.
The road is ascending or rising.
The truck is going uphill.

2 slope, hill
The cement truck is going down the hill.
The road is descending.
The truck is going downhill.

3 flat/level road
The road is flat.
Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? How can we call " parts of the street that are not flat and smooth"?
A: Bump or hump. A hump is smaller than a bump.
This road is uneven because it has a few bumps.
A bumper is something to absorb hits.
A car bumper=cái cản xe.
Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? 拼装(i have many parts of something,now i want to put them together to make it an integrated whole)
A: Is assembled the right translation? I apologize for my ignorance, sorry.
Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? ignore how do you say —in english* what does scrapped for parts means??
A: It means something was taken apart or broken in order to get certain parts from the object.

For example:

"The car was scrapped for parts. They took the steering wheel and the tires."
Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? how do you say when you missed some parts of a person's saying so ask him or her to repeat?
A: "What's that" or "What was that" are both fine.

Other questions about "Parts"

Q: Can you explain the parts [(number) ... ]?

Zach Johnson putted for birdie on every hole, the fifth time in his career that he didn't miss a green in regulation. Jimmy Walker [(1) got in the mix with] five birdies in eight holes. Russell Henley and Bae Sang-Moon held their own on another gorgeous day at the Hyundai Tournament of Champions.

They were [(2) part of a four-way tie] for the lead Saturday, [(3) the largest log jam] at the 36-hole in the 17 years this winners-only event has been played at Kapalua.

Geoff Ogilvy wasn't part of the mix, though he might have seen this coming when he spoke earlier in the week about the first PGA Tour event of the year.
A: 1. "Got in the mix" basically means that someone/something was also part of some group. So, Zach Johnson did well, and then they're saying that jimmy walker also did well (so he was in the 'mix' of players with good scores).

Ex. "I already have enough trouble looking after these two kids. I don't want to add a dog into the mix too"

"I have three essays due next week, and now my professor has added another assignment into the mix! I'll never have time to finish it all."

2. A four-way tie means that four players had the same score.

3. A log jam is like a traffic jam. I think it originates from how loggers would cut down trees and then transport the logs by floating them down the river. Sometimes the logs would get stuck, creating a 'jam'.

Basically, they're referring to the four-way tie, saying that the all the players were clustered at the same score. Since it's the 'largest log jam' in 17 years, that must mean there hasn't been a four way tie for at least 17 years.
Q: What does the parts [(number) ... ] mean?

I did not grow up in a “crock pot” family. We had one, [(1) an old avocado green job] my parents got from their wedding [(2) registry]. And, though I’m sure [(3) it got used], it wasn’t something that characterized the food in our house. My wife’s parents, on the other hand, were both doctors working day shifts, and according to her, nearly every thing her mom cooked came from [(4) the slow cooker.] And, [(5) says my wife, protein + a mix of canned foods = dinners, all which tasted basically the same… like “crock pot food.”]
A: 1 a crockpot that was avocado green (yellow green like avocado flesh). "Job" refers to the crockpot. In this sentence you could replace "job" with "one"

Example- I love bikes, I used to have a cherry red job that I would ride all over town. Here job refers to the bike. It sounds a little British to me but the meaning is clear.
2 a wedding registry is a list of gifts that a couple makes when they plan a wedding. The guests refer to the list when buying gifts for the bride and groom.
3 "got used"-was used/didn't go entirely unused.
4 very similar device to a crockpot or another word for crockpot.
5 his wife was unimpressed with the quality and variety of flavors of the food she are growing up. She thinks everything cooked in a crockpot tastes the same. Probably because her mom cooked by simply adding some meat to canned food and cooking it all together in the crockpot
Q: Can you explain the parts [(number) ... ]?

Penny: Okay, sweetie, I think that's [(1) the grasshopper talking.]
Raj: And it's about to tell my parents that I'm not riding an elephant down the aisle with Lalita Gupta.
Penny: Okay, calm down, no-one can make you get married. Why don't you just meet this girl and, see what happens.
Raj: Haven't you been listening to me, I cannot talk to women.
Leonard: Um… Raj.
Howard: No, no, let's see how long it takes him.
Penny: Um, Raj, honey, you say you can't talk to women but… you've been talking to me.
Sheldon: And now we'll never know.
Raj: You're right. I… I am talking to you. Hello Penny, how are you?
Penny: I'm fine.
Raj: Okay, now I just need to make sure [(2) I have a Lalita before I meet the grasshopper. It's a sweet green miracle.]
Penny: Okay, if you're going to drink on this date just promise me you won't overdo it.
Raj: Overdo what? Happiness? Freedom? This warm glow inside of me that promises everything is going to be all [(3) hunky donkey]?
Penny: Yeah, that. Uh, why don't you bring her to my restaurant when I'm tending the bar so I can keep an eye on you?
Raj: Okay.

A: 1) "that's the alcohol talking" is a common phrase in English to refer to a drunk person talking. It means they're not talking sense like they usually do. In this case the alcohol is the grasshopper, a drink.

2) He's so drunk he messes up his words. He meant to say "have a grasshopper before I meet Lalita". That's the joke.

3) "hunky-dory" is slang to mean "alright." But Raj messes the phrase up and says donkey for the second part.
Q: Can you explain the parts [(number) ... ]?

Howard: Sheldon, you got him in your sights, fire, he's charging his plasma rifle.
Sheldon: I can't shoot now, I'm [(1) cloaking.]
Leonard: Now, Raj, kill Sheldon.
Raj: I can't see him.
Sheldon: That's why the call it cloaking, dead man.
Leonard: Well then start throwing grenades.
Raj: [(2) I'm all out.]
A: 1. "To cloak" is a verb used in some science fiction (popularized by the TV show "Star Trek"), meaning "to become invisible". In Star Trek, spaceships were unable to shoot while cloaked.

2. Raj is saying he's "all out" of grenades, meaning he has used them all and doesn't have any left.
Q: Can you explain the parts [(number) ... ]?

Howard: So, what do you say, you wanna repair to Castle Wolowitz?
Christie: What is that, like a Mexican deli?
Howard: I'm sorry, I should have mentioned this earlier, my last name is Wolowitz.
Christie: Oh, that's so cool. My first Jew!
Sheldon: [(1) I imagine there aren't many kosher corn-huskers.]
Christie: But you're still taking me shopping, right?
Howard: Anything you want.
Christie: Okay, I'll go pack my stuff.
Howard: When they perfect human cloning [(2) I'm going to order twelve of those.]
Leonard: Howard, can't you see she's using you?
Howard: Who cares, last night she pulled off her blouse and I wept!
Penny: Look, Howard, I know her, okay, she'll have sex with anyone as long as they keep buying her things.
Howard: Really?
Penny: Yeah.
Howard: Yay! If you'll excuse me, I have some Bar-Mizvah bonds to cash.
A: 1 corn husker.
Someone from Nebraska. Also the name of a college football team in Nebraska. Kosher=Jewish.
The middle of the USA (the Midwest) has a population that is overwhelmingly white and Christian.
A literal corn husker is someone who shucks corn (removes the husk). The Midwest is largely rural and much corn is grown there.

he wants to own 12 christies but since it is currently impossible to clone (and purchase) people, that is not going to happen.

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