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Q: O que significa This is expanding the palate. What does ‘expand the palate’ mean??
A: Yes his experience eating food expands when he tries new dishes. Your palate can also shrink if you restrict the number of foods you eat.
Q: O que significa common palate ?
A: This is typically a phrase used with respect to the taste of food and drink—especially wine. As you likely know, the word 'palate' in this case refers to a person's ability to appreciate the taste of something.

A "common palate" means a person has an 'average' ability to appreciate the taste of something. Food with a complex or subtle taste might not be detected.

Someone with a "sophisticated palate" is a person who has very a sensitive ability to appreciate the taste of something. They can detect subtle flavors that a person with a common palate isn't able to detect.

Q: O que significa Wandering palate. ?
A: it means that you have a wide range of things you like to eat or you are willing to eat anything
Q: O que significa What we are doing here is we clear our palates and we open up the pores with bits of alcohol… and the taste buds?
A: 'clear our palates' means that you get rid of a taste in your mouth. Like when you taste one thing, it can make other things taste different. So you should clear your palate to taste the next thing properly.

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre palate e taste ?
A: palate is kind of like your appetite or what kind of food you like and taste is your sense of flavor from your mouth but can also be what you like
Q: Qual é a diferença entre palate e pallet ?
A: Palate is something usually a board that the painter usually use for putting their colours where they can mix them

Pallet is a board ,be it a wooden board or any material where you can place goods

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Q: The soft palate is Lowered.
And your breathing.
The air is going from your lungs out where?
through your Nasal passages, if you want to say that, where you nose.
that's right.
I'm transcriping the teacher's class recording to learn English.
Could you correct that I Misheard or Missed or the wrong segmenting?
A: “... if you want to say IT THAT WAY, YOUR nose. That’s right.”

I capitalized the corrections. Everything else is correct. Good job!

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