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Q: O que significa Oysters

A: It’s an animal from the sea/ocean (seafood) 🦪 (not sure if you can see the emoji)

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Q: Oysters steamed with sake the best.

牡蠣の酒蒸しは最高です。 soa natural?
A: × Oysters steamed with sake the best.
Oysters steamed with sake are the best.

Q: Oysters are in season now, so I made oyster dishes for dinner today.
One of them is "Takikomi-gohan" that is a Japanese common rice dish cooked with other ingredients.
I think it is a bit like paella.
My husband was favorite it very mush so that he ate a lot.
夫はとても気に入ったようで,たくさん食べていました. soa natural?
A: Only one mistake that I can see. It's still easy to understand, but a little unnatural.

"My husband was favorite it very mush so that he ate a lot."

Your husband ate more because of how much he enjoyed your cooking. This is easy to understand. But the phrasing is a little awkward.

"My husband really liked the dish! So much that he ate seconds." Something like this would sound more natural. The problem is "Was favourite it very much." the tense is wrong and makes the sentence sound awkward.

you can write it as "My husband favored it a lot." but it sounds unnatural.

Q: Oysters are biger than those live in another
place. soa natural?
A: "These oysters are bigger than those that live in other places."
Q: Oysters were very tasty! soa natural?
A: "The oysters were very tasty" or "Oysters are tasty"

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