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Q: O que significa He did Not See the Owls Swooping Past The broad Daylight Though Though People Down In The street Did Meaning?
A: This is from a Harry Potter book. I think it is the first book.

It means:
Owls were flying in the sky.
He did not see the owls. (I think "he" is Uncle Vernon. Uncle Vernon did not see the owls.)
People were driving or walking in the street. The people saw the owls that were in the sky.

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre Owls are nocturnal animals. e Owls are night animals. ?

Owls are nocturnal animals

Owls are animals who live at night


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Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? Owls come out at night and sleep at day.(during the daytime?) ------- Is it correct? Can someone correct it?
A: Owls come out at night, and sleep during the day.

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Q: Owls are a kind of birds found all over the world.

Does it sound right?
A: owls are a kind of bird found all over the world.

bird is singular, because you are referring to the classification bird
Q: Owls are birds. They are very active at night to catch preys. Also they can rotate their heads all the way around. soa natural?
A: @thetrees Oh I see. Pray is an uncountable noun! Thanks!
Q: Owls represent unhappiness in some countries.

Pictures which represent the celebrities are taken by paparazzi. soa natural?
A: Owls represent unhappiness in some countries.

Pictures of represent celebrities are often taken by paparazzi.
Q: Owls represent new births in my culture. soa natural?
A: "In my culture, the owl represents birth," sounds more natural.

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