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Q: O que significa She and Owen are through.?
A: She and Owen broke up. They are no longer dating.

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Q: Owen believed that people spend money themselves rather than developing machines would bring good results to the society (?) soa natural?
A: spend money on themselves (...) rather than on developing machines that would ...
Q: Hello, I'm Owen and I'm 19 year old
I'm studying mechatronics ingenniering
I'm going to talk to you a little bit more about this career:... soa natural?
A: Good, but "ingenniering" should be spelled "engineering." 😊

Other than that, your pronunciation is good!
Q: ​​Hi, Owen

I'm going to go to Portland and Los Angeles from January 4 to 14! Just 11 days! I'm going to go on a homestay and study at sister school in Portland. And in LA, I'm going to visit the University of California, Los Angeles.
It costs about $ 4000. Hahaha...
I'm really exciting! soa natural?
A: I think I would say, "I'm going to DO a homestay and study at A sister school in Portland." And, "I'm really excitED!"

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